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February 01, 2007



I think I would avoid having guests pay. Why not have everyone bring a cd with their favorite song and play them in turn. My friends and I usually have many cds in our cars. We sometimes have impromptue gatherings where we just listen to music. One person plays something and then another says, "Oh, you have to hear this." and they return from their car with a stack of music and it goes on and on until you have to leave.

You could have everyone bring a poem or very short story and read them aloud.


I think charging would spoil it - instead of providing all the food and drink you could have pot luck

liked Jordan's idea of a CD evening :)

But I think this is a great idea and if you encouraged your friends to bring a friend you could have an intresting and lively bunch - and a chance to show thatChristians aren't dull and boring either!


What a great idea!

I don't think charging would be a problem; it's just in how you word it, isn't it?

I love Freedom of Simplicity. It's a Top 10 book for me.


Oh dear, good advice going in opposite directions! :-)

My guess is that for the first party, I'll try to avoid payment but it's also the first party that I'm most nervous about getting the right quality. sigh, bit of a puzzle...

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